Mar 30, 2012

Mar 26, 2012

[baby pink]

romantic spring style:
815488_spring01 (500x333, 137Kb) 815488_spring02 (500x333, 152Kb) 815488_spring03 (500x333, 135Kb) 815488_spring04 (500x500, 253Kb)

Mar 23, 2012

[random spring pictures]

#1 and new coral nail polish for spring/summer time sally hansen xtreme wear #450 caribbean coral
815488__ (500x333, 204Kb) 815488_korallovii_lak (500x333, 220Kb)
#3.strawberry mohito♥
815488_mohito (500x333, 223Kb) favourite cookies♥
815488_pechenki (500x333, 244Kb)
#5. my favourite book-*the da Vinci code*♥
815488_kod_da_vinchi (500x333, 229Kb)

Mar 18, 2012


spring is a time for light clothers,nude make up..
815488_2 (333x500, 212Kb) 815488_vesnaa6 (333x500, 232Kb) 815488_vesnaa3 (600x446, 284Kb)
..for big accessories and DAISY perfume!
815488_vesnaa4 (500x333, 310Kb) 815488_vesnaa5 (500x333, 182Kb) 815488_vesnaa (500x333, 248Kb)
my little bunny♥
815488_ya_mychau_byby (500x333, 238Kb)

Mar 15, 2012


home made chocolate cupcakes..mmm♥
815488_3 (500x333, 151Kb) 815488_keksi2 (500x333, 191Kb) 815488_keksi1 (500x333, 193Kb)

Mar 12, 2012

[pretty things]

my gifts for march, 8th:
oriflame cosmetics
815488_81 (500x333, 188Kb) 815488_8marta2 (500x333, 143Kb)
estee lauder eyeshadows (peacock blue & tempting mocha)
815488_8marta5 (500x333, 208Kb) 815488_8marta3 (500x333, 160Kb) 815488_8marta4 (500x333, 217Kb)
new Rowenta Brush Active!♥
815488_8marta6 (500x333, 225Kb) 815488_8marta7 (500x333, 199Kb)

Mar 10, 2012

[some changes]

here are some spring changes at my work place:
815488_liliii (500x333, 232Kb) 815488_2 (500x333, 205Kb) 815488_kartina1 (500x333, 232Kb) 815488_kartina3 (500x333, 201Kb) 815488_rozi8marta (500x333, 202Kb) 815488_rozi8martaa (500x333, 182Kb) 815488_rozi8martaaa (500x333, 208Kb)

Mar 2, 2012

[one love FTU]

i so am happy: finally i've got a pullover with the university sign ♥
815488_1 (500x333, 263Kb) 815488_tolstovkalta (500x333, 196Kb) 815488_tolstovkalta3 (500x333, 222Kb) 815488_4 (333x500, 244Kb) 815488_tolstovkaltaa_2_ (333x500, 224Kb)