Nov 28, 2011

[saturday's party outfit]

i had a small party with my friends (just 15 people haha) down at my place on saturday.i had no idea what to wear but finally my outfit looked like this:
815488_aytfit11 (500x333, 115Kb) 815488_aytfit22 (466x700, 65Kb)
815488_aytfit33 (499x333, 114Kb)

Nov 21, 2011

[hair care]

i wanna show u some stuff,that i use for my hair care:
815488_volosipost4 (500x333, 189Kb)
my favourite hair curlers:
815488_volosipost1 (500x333, 180Kb)
thermo curlers:
815488_volosipost3 (500x333, 191Kb)
and Rowenta Brush Active & flat iron
815488_volosipost2 (500x333, 251Kb)

Nov 17, 2011


simple & tasty
815488_postpechene3 (500x333, 218Kb) 815488_postpechene1 (500x333, 223Kb) 815488_postpechene4 (500x333, 171Kb) 815488_postpechene2 (500x333, 154Kb)

Nov 15, 2011

[new bag]

finally it's mine! :P
815488_symka_visit (500x333, 238Kb)
815488_symka_na_divane (500x333, 222Kb)
815488_symka_vnytri (500x333, 251Kb)
the cover for my student's card:
815488_oblojka_styden (500x333, 258Kb)
815488_oblojka2 (500x333, 266Kb)

Nov 11, 2011

[november shopping]

i've been to IKEA and done some shopping there last weekend: baking dishes & garland
815488_formochki (500x333, 215Kb)
815488_olen (500x333, 171Kb)
815488_girlyanda_2_ (500x333, 115Kb)
new earrings bought today:
815488_sergi1 (500x333, 261Kb)
815488_sergi2 (500x333, 282Kb)
mum's gift-a new dress:
815488_plateee (500x333, 246Kb)

Nov 7, 2011


saturday night's outfit:
815488_ve1_1_ (333x499, 190Kb)
815488_ve2_1_ (333x500, 182Kb)
815488_ve3 (333x500, 195Kb)

Nov 1, 2011

[1'st of november]

#hello november!