Sep 16, 2011

[cheetah nail design inspired eyes]

this is my make up,that was inspired by cheetah nail design:
815488_glaza_manikur (500x333, 233Kb)
815488_hvost (498x666, 429Kb)
another rainy autumn has come to the city=\ this was my last indian summer outfit:
815488_ya_v_tk (333x500, 256Kb)

Sep 11, 2011

[i'm back!]

i'm back! all this days i've been sick,so only today i'm writing a new blog post.i want to show you my lovely neckless with a small camera! i was dreaming about such thing all my life,haha^^
815488_podveska_01 (500x333, 227Kb)
815488_podveska_04 (500x333, 264Kb)
815488_podveska_03 (500x333, 253Kb)
815488_podveska_02 (500x333, 234Kb)
815488_podveska_05 (500x333, 260Kb)

Sep 4, 2011

[new bag&what's in my bag?]

my new bag! i love-love-love it :D
815488_symka2 (500x333, 207Kb)
815488_symka1_1_ (500x333, 143Kb)
what's in my bag?
815488_v_symke (500x333, 234Kb)

Sep 1, 2011

[the first day of autumn]

today is the first day of autumn,but my mood is still like it's summer :D
815488_cveti (500x333, 296Kb)
815488_cvetochekkk (500x333, 148Kb)
this is what i wore today:
815488_1_sent_01 (500x333, 324Kb)
815488_1_sent_04 (501x333, 269Kb)
815488_1_sent_03 (333x500, 297Kb)