Aug 30, 2011

[can't wait!]

hey-hey! my sister is coming back home tomorrow from her trip to the sea. i bought her little gift (ahah,it's a gift for me too):
815488_mishki1 (500x333, 263Kb)
815488_mishki2 (500x333, 262Kb)
there was a birthday of my bunny yesterday! Boo-Boo is 2 years old now! OMG! (on the first photo he is about 2 month old,and on the second - 2 years old)
815488_2_mesyaca (435x500, 204Kb) 815488_2_goda (435x500, 304Kb)

Aug 28, 2011

[the last weekend of summer]

hi everybody! i spent my last weekend of summer at home,cos i'm ill. i was reading, watching *The Little Mermaid* and having time with my bunny Chrisopher Boo-Boo! this is several photos,that were made yesterday while walking with my boyfriend.
815488_letooo (333x500, 264Kb)
815488_letooo2 (500x333, 303Kb)
new rings :D
815488_kolca2 (500x333, 165Kb)
815488_kolca1 (500x333, 133Kb)

Aug 26, 2011

[summer,don't go away!]

this is my today's outfit: i wore my favourite pink high heels and one of the new dresses! :D 815488_fotosetsve1 (500x333, 261Kb) 815488_fotosetsve2 (500x333, 213Kb) обе! copy (500x373, 314Kb) 815488_fotosetsve3 (500x333, 175Kb) 815488_fotoset_kryp (466x700, 482Kb)

Aug 23, 2011

[finally it's mine!]

finally i bought flash for my camera!i like the way my canon looks with it^^ 815488_vspishka5 (500x333, 231Kb) 815488_vspishka3 (500x333, 192Kb) 815488_vspishka2 (500x333, 188Kb) 815488_vspishka4_1_ (444x333, 255Kb)

Aug 19, 2011

[new earrings]

the weather in Saint-P. is rainy,so i stayed at home for several days doing are my hand-made earrings,i like big accessories! 815488_serejki01 (500x333, 201Kb)

815488_serejki02 (500x459, 252Kb) 815488_serejki03_kryp_1_ (466x700, 70Kb) 815488_serejki04 (500x333, 156Kb)

Aug 18, 2011

[the final gift!]

the final gift is..SOMEDAY by JUSTIN BIEBER! actually,i'm not a huge fan of Justin (my sister is,haha^^), but i really like this perfume! 815488_bibs01 (500x333, 275Kb) 815488_bibs02 (500x333, 186Kb) 815488_bibs03 (500x333, 206Kb) 815488_bibs04 (500x333, 131Kb) 815488_bibs05 (500x333, 270Kb) 815488_bibs06 (500x333, 156Kb)

[gifts fron America/part #2]

part#2: cosmetics,accessories and other stuff
815488_ak06 (500x333, 161Kb)
815488_ak02 (500x333, 208Kb) 815488_ak04 (500x333, 163Kb) 815488_ak03 (499x333, 237Kb) 815488_ak05 (500x333, 216Kb) 815488_ak01 (500x333, 162Kb) 815488_kryjki (500x333, 199Kb)

[gifts fron America/part #1]

my aunt lives in America more than 10 years! she comes to Russia and spends time with our family every summer. here are gifts that she brought to me and my sister this year.
the first part: clothers 815488_6 (500x333, 332Kb) 815488_7 (520x353, 197Kb) 815488_4 (520x353, 223Kb) 815488_5 (520x353, 214Kb) 815488_3 (500x333, 198Kb) 815488_2 (500x333, 187Kb) 815488_1 (500x333, 310Kb)

Aug 16, 2011


i'm so in love with this heels!

Aug 13, 2011

[new sandals]

my sister and i were looking for shoes today.this is what we bought: