Dec 31, 2011

[new year's shopping]

some things that i bought for party outlooks: false lashes,lipsticks & nail polishes
815488_ (500x333, 221Kb)
815488_pomadi (500x333, 237Kb)
815488_laki_k_ng (500x333, 211Kb)
new year's stuff:
815488_podarochnie_paketi (500x333, 309Kb)
815488_bymaga (500x333, 269Kb)
815488_svechi_krasnie (500x333, 249Kb)
my favourite reindeer!
815488_rydolfff (500x333, 235Kb)

Dec 29, 2011

[all the lights are shining so brightly everywhere]

thursday in pictures:
815488_dr_masyasi_rolli (500x333, 182Kb) 815488_bar (500x333, 242Kb) 815488_nochnoi_gorod (500x333, 149Kb)
this is what i wore:
815488_ubka_v_goroshek (500x333, 223Kb) 815488_ya_y_elki1_1_ (466x700, 138Kb)

Dec 26, 2011

[my boyfriend's birthday party outfit]

these photos were made at my boyfriend's birthday party.i wore the maxy dress and fake lashes for the first time :D :
815488_ya_v_polnii_rost (333x500, 221Kb) 815488__3 (500x333, 232Kb) 815488_dr_denisa1 (500x333, 190Kb) 815488_dr_denisa2 (499x333, 219Kb)

Dec 20, 2011

Dec 17, 2011

[Santa Claus is coming to town]

this shopping day in pictures:
815488_5 (500x333, 216Kb)
815488_galereya2 (500x333, 279Kb)
815488_galereya3 (500x333, 279Kb)
815488_galereya4 (500x333, 264Kb)
815488_galereyayaya (500x333, 214Kb)
815488_galereya1 (500x333, 240Kb)

Dec 14, 2011

[university outfit]

[5 favourite home things]

#1.winnie-the-pooh carousel and night lamp:
815488_ (500x333, 236Kb)
815488_pervoe1 (500x333, 202Kb)
#2.fragrance collection:
815488_vtoroe (500x333, 184Kb)
#3.mickey mouse alarm:
815488_trete (500x333, 153Kb) teddy bear - boyfriend's gift:
815488_chetvertoe (500x333, 251Kb)
#5.accessories box:
815488_pyatoe (500x333, 215Kb)
and the most important for me is little bunny Boo-Boo.i can't imagine my home without his presence:
815488_bysik_glavnoe (500x333, 240Kb)

Dec 7, 2011

[new year's collage]

this is my new collage:
815488_ramka_dnem (500x333, 284Kb)
815488_kollaj_kryp (500x333, 318Kb)
815488_kartina_i_lampa (500x333, 254Kb)
815488_kollaj_ogonki (500x333, 281Kb)
do you like it?

Dec 4, 2011

[how to create christmas mood]

#1. i've decorated my desk with a garland
815488_girlyanda_snejinki (500x333, 157Kb)
#2. i've made a New Year's collage
815488_bydyshii_kollaj (500x333, 281Kb)
#3. i've established a New Year's theme on the mobile phone
815488_telefon_s_zastavkoi_ng (500x333, 241Kb)
#4. i've made a new epigraph for my blog
815488_epigraf_ng (600x300, 250Kb)
and the last picture: my sweet bunny Boo-Boo♥
815488___ (500x333, 261Kb)

Dec 1, 2011

[5 favourite nail polishes]

815488_ (500x333, 164Kb)
1. rimmel 60 seconds #32
815488_korallak (500x333, 138Kb)
815488_koralnogti_1_ (500x333, 172Kb)
2. golden rose #213
815488_oranjlak (500x333, 133Kb)
815488_orandnogti (500x333, 167Kb)
3. sally hansen hars as nails xtreme wear #89 *ruby stilletos*
815488_bordlak (500x333, 145Kb)
815488_bordnogti (500x333, 127Kb)
4. golden rose #33
815488_bejlak (500x333, 131Kb)
815488_bejnogti (500x333, 128Kb)
5. sally hansen hard as nails xtreme wear #94 *wild life*
815488_sirenlak (500x333, 132Kb)
815488_serennogti (500x333, 132Kb)
which nail polish do you like best?